Paul Solomon
Another “sleeping prophet” resided in Virginia Beach after Edgar Cayce. His name was Paul Solomon, known internationally as a teacher, prophet, healer, minister and humanitarian.

Paul Solomon was born in Rogers, Arkansas on the seventh of July 1939. After a Dark Night of the Soul period in his life, Paul made contact with his Superconscious Mind and so began his life’s work. Like Edgar Cayce and Andrew Jackson Davis, who had both made contact with a similar Source, Paul too could “view the body” at a distance, make accurate diagnosis, and suggest treatment that saved lives.

He was a highly acclaimed teacher, psychic, prophet, healer and humanitarian. He traveled the world giving lectures and workshops to hundreds of thousands of people, and at the time of his death in 1994 he had given over 1500 individual trance Readings on nearly every aspect of spiritual growth.

Over the years, Paul shared the spotlight with such leading lights as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Sir George Trevelyan, Buddhist Priestess Tamo San, Dr. Jerry Jampolski, Buckminister Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founders of the Findhorn Community - Peter and Eileen Caddy, Jean Houston, Sun Bear, Manly Palmer Hall, Marcus Bach and many others.

As well as thousands of Readings Paul’s work covered such topics as:

  • - Soul Growth
  • - Altered States of Consciousness and Awareness
  • - Ancient Mystery Traditions and Arcane Knowledge
  • - Comparative Religion
  • - Sacred Scripture
  • - Qabalah
  • - Universal Law
  • - Holistic Healing and many other facets of human existence

In his later years, Paul expanded his work to help the less fortunate. After serving as a volunteer with Mother Teresa in India, he formed the organization Dignity International, an organization to help promote human rights around the world.

For his efforts particularly on behalf of the enslaved children and refugees of Thailand, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. He was also awarded a Doctorate from the New Seminary of New York City in recognition of his lifelong interest and study of the Bible.

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