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Spirtual Growth

The Wisdom of Solomon

Paul Levy - Awaken in The Dream

Rev. Lowell K. Smith

Tomislav Budak

Edgar Cayce

David Spangler

Annaleah Atkinson

The International Association For Near Death Studies

Ruthann Pippinger

Wing Makers

Lucid Dreaming

John Christian Seminars

Jay Weidner

Universal Truth School

Peter Russell

Jean Shinoda Bolen

The Davidson Affair

Sites of Interest

Paul Solomon Forum

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Instiute of HeartMath

The Planetary Society

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Chalice A Living School

The Global Consciousness Project

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

Space Weather

USGS - Earthquakes


Crop Circles

The Gnostic Society Library

Internet Sacred Texts Archive

The Megalithic Portal


Life Beyond Death

Dr. Hew Len doing a short meditation using Ho'oponopono -

Ho'oponopono video discussions:

Sacred Sites

Isle of Avalon

Gordon Strong

Sacred Sites

Brides Mound

John Anthony West

The Great Sphinx

The Celtic Cross

Alternative Reading

Ellis C Taylor

Goro Adachi

Solari Report

Rupert Sheldrake

John Pilger

Robert Phoenix - Astrology

Irish Side of the Moom

Ken Welch

Educate Yourself

Dannion Brinkley

Hank Wesselman

Exploration of Consciousness

American Society for Psychical Research

Gregg Braden

Jay Weidner

Byron Katie - The Work

Bruce Lipton

Larry Dossey

Jean Houston

Sacred Celtic History

Andrew Collins

Philip Coppens

Michael Cremo

The Study of Atlantis

Revising History - Recovering Knowledge

Robert Temple

Graham Hancock

Robert Bauval

Crop Circles

John Taylor Gatto

Paul Von Ward

Chronology of The Bible

Wayne Herschel

Alex Putney

Stanley Krippner


- Cleansing the Body, Mind and Spirit -

The Trinity of Integrative Health is based upon the three pillars, Nourishment, Detoxification and Regeneration.

What are the benefits of detoxification?
As your body detoxifies, you can notice an overall improvement in your digestion, sinuses, blood pressure, mental clarity, memory and energy. Emotional balance and a sense of well being will follow too. With the removal of toxins, the body's self-healing ability will be liberated. The immune system will be able to cope with infectious agents, your liver detoxification function will improve and the bodies regenerative mechanisms will start repairing damaged tissues.

Perfect the three temples, of the mind, the body, and the spirit, each, the three, in the manner of the ancient schools.
That the entire self be offered as a temple in which the spirit of life might perfectly live and be and express.

Paul Solomon Reading 9254

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Simply So

The BeeWell Company

Jim Humble

Lalgadh Hospital - Nepal Leprosy Trus - t

Doctor T. Simoncini (Oncologist)

Video on Toxicity By Dr. Rashid A Buttar

What The Doctors Don’t Tell You

Barbara Brennan School Of Healing

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen. Biological Medical Institute

Stanislav Grof

David Berceli. Trauma Intervention

Trauma & The Brain-Mind-Body Connection

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Charles T. Tart - Altered States of Consciousness

Frontiers of Health

Gerson Therapy

Donna Eden

Dr. Lorraine Day

Global Vaccine Institute


Empowering People To Heal Themselves

World Research Foundation

Holographic Kinetics

Whale Medical

Science & Numerology
Alternative Media

Red Ice Creations

The Conscious Media Network

Gnostic Media

Jay Weidner

Abel Danger

Healthy Life


Chris Van Cleave

Jonathan Goldman - Healing Sounds

Daniel Emmanuel's Music - Space Wizzard 13

Bio Sonics




Michael McCarthy - On Death and ... Living! Memoir of a Soul -

Rare Books

The Secret Teachings of all Ages - Manley P. Hall

On Line Etymology Site

New World Library

A regular e-paper of all things esoteric and scientific


The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Free Rice

KIVA - Loans That Change Lives

The Green World Campaign

The Fistual Foundation

The BubbleGum Club

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