The Paul Solomon Readings
Throughout time there have been men and women with extraordinary abilities to find answers through means beyond the recognized senses. Such a man was Paul Solomon. He demonstrated an ability to lose consciousness at will, and from a deep trance state he presented teachings and wisdom beyond the knowledge of his conscious mind.

The depth of his trance was measured by electro-encepthelograph and bio-feedback equipment and registered at the "delta" level. The breathing was so shallow as to often be undetectable, much like suspended animation. The circulation slowed and his body often became cold. From this unconscious state, Paul spoke. Or as the Readings explained, Paul’s Higher Consciousness spoke through him and answered questions. Most often, the questions were asked by individuals, however the responses were presented in such a manner that they are universally applicable.

Spectacular as Paul’s abilities were, his central message always was a de-emphasis of self. His goal was to lead others to discover the Source within themselves and to develop the ability to ask questions and receive their own answers and inner guidance.

"If one accepts that information can be received from the Higher Mind or from God, then this Source of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom exists for you as well as for me," Paul said. "In reading this material, consider it as a springboard, a catalyst, a link with the Source within you."

Paul soon became the best example of his own message. In studying Paul’s teachings, it is apparent that not only Paul’s Readings, but his conscious communications - lectures, discourses, counseling, interviews, and discussions - also have come from the Source.

We therefore are including Paul’s teachings from the various methods of presentation in our index and in these selections. We have continued to delineate in which form the channeling has come.

Commentary on almost every conceivable subject are available through Paul’s teachings. There are countless examples of clairvoyance, telepathy and psychic diagnosis. Many of the prophecies were proven in fact. Diet and health, love, marriage, reincarnation and karma, universal law, cosmic consciousness, spiritual growth and the future of man are among the many areas explored. Many people have found answers to their questions through these channeled spiritual communicated.

Your questions, also, may be answered.

Paul SolomonThe Readings
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We have now compilied all of Paul's Readings into a set of books, both hard copy and in digital media formats that are now available in thirteen volumes. This has been a major undertaking but thanks in no small part to the many generous donations we have received the books are now available.

Below are some samples of Paul's Readings across multiple topics for you to research and enjoy. For more readings, please go to the PSF Web Site Books section (Click Here) to purchase your copies.

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The Teachings of the Paul Solomon Source
The Readings are presented in Adobe PDF format. Just click on the Reading title (Bold white text) below and it will open as a new document for you to read or print for your future reference.

Ageless Wisdom The Mysteries
School of the Mysteries
Arts Lifting the consciousness of the planet through music
Music - A powerful tool for soul growth or destruction
Learning to attune to the natural rhythm of life
Art, Music
The power of sound
Music awakens the God within
Astrology Lecture - The Healing Ministry of John the Beloved
Atlantis The Great Crystal
Atlantis Time of Christ
Attitudes & Emotions Attitudes & Emotions
Create laughter & joy
Attitudes & Emotions (2)


A negative thought is a living vibration

The Pathway of Light

Auras Strengthening the Aura
Beliefs What makes the subtler worlds become real?
Bible Do Heaven & Hell really exist?
Bible history, Old Testament
The Bible
Bible History & Interpretation - New Testament Among the Holy women of Jerusalem
Bible History & Interpretation - Old Testament Book of Job, a parable of the soul
Body Building a light body
Perfecting the self through discipline
Appearance of the body
Perfecting the body physical
The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
Energy, Body Meditation
Home Cleansing

Out Of Body Experience


Spiritual Drugs

Cancer Cancer research


Cancer & Aids

Channels & Channeling What is the Source?
The Akashic Record
The Great Cloud of Witnesses
Channels & Channeling
Christ Force Expressing Christ in the world by developing talents
Christ Force
Expressing Christ in the world
The invocation of the Master within
Christ Force (2)
What is meant by the second coming of Christ
Forces of Light & Dark
Master of Masters
Communities Community
Death & Dying The precious gift
The soul after death
Diet & Nutrition Fasting
Dreams & Sleep Dreams & Sleep
Duality / Unity The fall - An alternative approach
Earth Changes Catastrophe is not necessary for the changes to come
Earth changes #01093
Earth changes continue
Earth changes #0836
Earth changes and the new planet Earth
Education Spiritual education for children
Trained as a Scribe
Egypt Egypt
Three Temples in Egypt
Energy Energy
Essenes The Training of Mary
Formation of communities at Carmel & Qumran
Family Bringing Up Children
Forgiveness Forgiveness
God Describe God
Personal relationships
God is so Holy
The I Am presence
Seeing the effects of God's presence in a life
God, expressing God on Earth
Guidance The spark of God lives within the heart
Habit Control Habit Control
Health Allergies
Short Sightedness

Auto Immune

Food for Thought

Salt Water Therapy

New Medical Paradigm

Healing The Ruby vibration of Red for healing
Training to become a healer
If you would be a healer
Dedicating the hands for healing
Color & fabric
Healing - Emotions

Healing/Diabetes/Self Esteem

Readings 9286, 9313, 9125 & 9378 on Humor

Inner Light Consciousness A guided experience in spiritual evolution
Building a separate reality
The Bermuda triangle
Inner Light Consciousness (ILC)
Reading on ILC
Inner Planes Inner planes
Angels and inter-dimensional beings
The Great White Brotherhood
Did the Great White Brotherhood ever exist?
The Great White Brotherhood 2
UFOs & ETs
Jesus of Nazareth Jesus speaks
Life & times of Jesus
The journey of the Magi to Jerusalem
Christ is always born of a virgin
Not your typical Holy Man
In obeying the Law, he overcomes the Law
John of Peniel John Peniel
Holland & John Peniel
Karma & Grace Karma & Grace
The path to enlightenment
Challenges of a lifetime

Karmic Patterns

Path of Karma - Path of Grace

Kundalini & Chakras The challenge of perfecting the self
Spiritual Growth
Development of Chakras
Chakras 2
Life Seals Life Seals
Love, Wisdom & Virtue Patience
Finding a unity of faith, light & love
The secret of happiness

On unconditional love

The Secret of Joy

Mastery Mastery, self love
Affirmations of a Master
Apple of God's Eye
Meditation Patterns set with conscious intent
The forty Bijas
Meditation (2)
Meditation on The Seven Terraces
Transcendental Meditation
Mind Mind
Reality Vs interpretation
Learning to know the heart
Nature, the Environment Heal the soil of the garden, and you can heal yourself
New Age A new heaven & a new Earth

The voice of the planet

The Economy

The Economy (2)

Parables & Analogies A unified theory
The son of the King
Paul Solomon, His Life & His Work The Paul Solomon Story
What is the Source?
The Davidson Affair
Paul Solomon, quotable quotes...
Paul's name was chosen by the Source
PRE Table (Profound Relaxation Table)
PRE Table (Profound Relaxation Table) (2)
Prayer The power of prayer
Pregnancy & Parenting Parenting
Guidance for life
Sleep cycle programming
The Abrahamic sacrifice
Guidelines for raising children in a Spiritual community
Spiritual education for children
Parenting - God's greatest gift
Pre-History The time of the Shining Beings
Prosperity & Success Tithing
Psychic Abilities Preparation for Channeling
The Mystic Vs the Occultist
Psychic self defence
Shaving & Psychic Abilities
Psychic Development
Psychic Development (2)
Psychic & Occult Sciences Daily life - A tempering for Psychic development
Psychic Attack
Reincarnation Do we return with the same people
Why doesn't Jesus talk of reincarnation
Relationships The ideal relationship among spiritual organizations
Building supportive relationships
Relationships & Homosexuality 1
Relationships & Homosexuality 2
Relationships & Homosexuality 3
Family Relationships
Religion Living by the rules
School of The Prophets School of the Prophets - The Mystery School
School of the Prophets - 07/76
The School of The Prophets
Science & Technology Expertise, discipline & cooperation
Wet Cell Research
Self-Help & Personal Transformation Self love heals
On worry
Lessons are not punishment
Life Purpose
Self Esteem
Self Esteem
Service Service
Making others happy
How can God let children suffer
Sex A question of morality
Sin, Selfishness Sin, selfishness
Soul Have fun!
On the evolution of consciousness & the return cycles of a soul
On the evolution of a very special soul
On soul purpose
Spiritual Growth Choices in the growth process
You shall be judged by Love
On success
Love one another
Building a light body
Most important lesson
The path to enlightenment
Spiritual growth
Spiritual Growth
Talents & Abilities The lifting of consciousness is the greatest talent
Each person has a special role in God's perfect plan
A talent to inspire others
Using talents to serve
Temples A special technique for lifting souls to their highest expression
Awakening the God-Self
Universe UFOs
Cosmic Consciousness
UFOs (2)
Universal Law Universal Law
One truth for all

I am God

Law of One

Vibration Sounding the self with the vibration of the master
Work Readings, Lectures and Meetings Credo of the Fellowship of the Inner Light
The mission & purpose of the Fellowship of the Inner Light
World Affairs

The Divine origins of the USA

International World Markets

Lecture on World Prophecy

The readings Of The Paul Solomon Source

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