Lalgadh Hospital / Nepal Leprosy Trust
Dhanush District, Janakpur

A Dermatemp infrared thermographic scanner for the detection of Neuropathic bone disease and a Doppler ultrasound machine were donated by the Paul Solomon Foundation to the Clinical staff at Lalgadh Hospital in November 2007.

The Dermatemp infrared thermographic scanner enables early detection of neuropathic bone disease and it is hoped that this fantastic piece of equipment will give the Doctors and clinical staff at the hospital the ability to recognise and treat this devastating complication of Hanson’s disease.

A handheld Doppler Ultrasound was also donated. Patients with chronic foot ulceration due to the nerve impairment caused by Hanson’s disease are often treated with surgical debridement and amputation. The Doppler ultrasound will allow the Doctors and medical staff at the hospital to detect and diagnose vascular disease, and it is hoped will prove a useful pre-surgical assessment tool for better wound management.

Above we see Connor Rice and Alison Lamb donating the equipment to the hospital and thereafter demonstrating and using the equipment on patients.

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