An Introduction to The Solomon Keys

....The Planetary Mystery School
“The purpose and ideal of a Mystery School is first and foremost the absolute perfection of the character of the individual, who through purity of every level of ­being, makes the self available to be a Living Temple in which the Christ and only the Christ will dwell.”
Paul Solomon Reading #9390

There was a time on this planet when special schools were set up to support the evolution of ­ mankind and produce a group of beings called Initiates. It wasn’t just a matter of imparting some knowledge, some ­education,  an intellectual pursuit, this was a place where ­masters taught wisdom, and the secrets of life and death.

The ­purpose of these mystery schools was to ­affect the ­individual, the student, in such a way as to ­ ignite a revolution of consciousness, a transformation. ­Something would actually happen to the consciousness that would make the person not just intellectual, not just able to impart information – but would make them wise. It would put them in contact with a higher mind  that would make their abilities and their mind superior to what we think of as our conscious mind, even a very well-educated mind.

These masters looked at life and found that there was a cause and effect relationship between all ­phenomena. Everything that happens in life has a cause, and if one discovers the causes, one can understand the results. ­Understanding the results, one can then set in motion the right causes to produce spectacular results. This ­ability is what made these beings masters in the eyes of the world, they had mastered the laws of cause and effect.

The masters would set up a place where people could come to study. But they didn’t just open the doors and say, “Anyone who wants, come and study.” If they did, all people in the world, intrigued by the romance of studying with a master, would come flooding in, and ninety-nine percent of those people would not be ­serious, devoted, or disciplined enough to actually put the lessons to work and understand the relationship ­between cause and effect. They would be content to sit passively and listen to the words of the master. And so the masters didn’t bother with them...

Preface to The Solomon Keys

The title, The Solomon Keys has been ­deliberately ­chosen. Since keys unlock that which has previously been inaccessible, hidden, or just forgotten, it is hoped that these Keys, from the work of Paul ­Solomon, will help unlock the secret of who we really are -  ­spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Paul often said that the enlightenment experience, or meeting God face to face, was like tasting a ­strawberry. People can describe a strawberry to you, what it looks like, what it feels like, its color and shape, but until you have tasted the strawberry you can’t really know what the strawberry tastes like. In other words, Truth is an ­experience, not just an intellectual understanding or a belief. To find Truth we have to do the work and change old patterns of beliefs and behaviors, and the best place to start is in our response to day-to-day situations.

We are never alone. The next step to unlocking the secrets of who we are, thus hastening our journey home, is put there by a loving Teacher and is always right in front of us - always.

May you all get to taste the strawberry!

Mary Siobhan McGibbon

© 2007 Mary Siobhan McGibbon

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